Frecuently Asked Questions

Frecuently Asked Questions

I was not able to download videos because of IP error

Dear customer, the download links are limited to the IP address with which the user is also browsing our sites, this in order to protect our content from stealing. So there's an IP query parameter in the link and so ensures that only your IP can download this link.

The purpose of this is to prevent link-sharing. So a member should not be able to copy the direct download link and post it somewhere on a forum or share the link with friends.

A common error is the user is not able to download because he's trying to use the link from a different IP address than the one he used before to browse our site. And, like the error message indicates, the issue should disappear as soon as the user refreshes the page because then a new download link is created with a new IP parameter (with the user's current IP address).

So normally, a user might see this error if the page has gone stale (so he hasn't interacted with the site for a long while and his IP changed in the meantime, e.g. because of switching between WIFI and cellular networks). But then, just refreshing the page should solve the problem.

If you have any issues trying to download content, please submit a ticket.