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Frecuently Asked Questions

Age Verification in place for all our sites

Dear customer, Some US States and Countries Law now require us to put in place a process for verifying the age of the users who connect to our sites.

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I bought a membership and received a free month, how can I use it?

Most offers from our adult sites include free access to adult sites partners or from the same network. When you register using any price, you will get a free membership, this information will be sent to you by email.

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I am not receiving the verification code in my email.

When you register to any of our adult sites, you need to provide a valid email to communicate with support and receive the verification code that our system distributes, anytime (per Device) you log in to our membership areas.

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As soon as I got the membership I log in but now I am banned

A most common error from new users is trying to log in to our membership areas as soon as the membership is bought.

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I use gift cards or cryptocurrencies to buy but the Promo offer is off

Have in mind that when you buy a membership using gift cards or cryptocurrencies, we are not able to offer you our regular offers that mostly include free access to partner sites for a period of time.

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How can I update my credit card, password, or any other information?

In order to update or change any membership information that you used at registration process, you may need to reach our support team by submitting a ticket.

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I was not able to download videos because of IP error

Download links are limited to the IP address with which the user is also browsing our sites, this in order to protect our content. So there's an IP query parameter in the link and so ensures that only your IP can download this link.

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I do not have the subscription ID to cancel my membership

You can find the subscription ID information when you log in to the membership area and visit the Profile page. On this page you can view details like expiration date, subscription id, Biller used, etc.

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